Monday, January 21, 2008

iPod Touch Apps: Extend the Battery Life of iPod Touch and iPhone

Here at iPod Touch Apps we are all about getting the most from our iPod Touch. I was talking to a friend of mine today who happens to be an Apple technician and he mentioned a little quirk that should help iPod Touch/iPhone owners with battery life issues. In a nutshell:

Charge your iPod Touch through the wall/socket adapter and not thru your USB ports! I know what you are going to say.. "but the meter on my iPod says the battery is full even when I charge it through my USB port". However, this may not be true! You see the charge from the USB port is actually much weaker than from the wall, however the iPod Touch software calculates the amount of time it has been plugged in, and hence thinks it is "fully charged", when in fact it may not really be charged to the battery's full capacity potential. Basically, a "full green bar" charge reading is only accurate if you charged from your wall socket.

Hope this little tidbit helps. it has helped me.

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