Monday, January 21, 2008

iPod Touch Microphone add-on now available

An iPod Touch Microphone is now available here to make your iPod Touch function as a VoIP phone... the Touchmods guys are now taking pre-orders on a customer friendly, sleeker version of a microphone add on which they are producing for the public. If you order now, your iPod Touch mic should be shipped by mid February according to their website.

Mid-February is also roughly the time that Apple will be releasing the SDK (Software Development Kit) so that 3rd party programmers can start making approved applications for the Touch. I expect that there will be many interesting programs released that will take advantage of an iPod touch with a microphone attachment. Also, keep in mind all those iPhone specific applications that will now work on a "mic enabled" iPod Touch.

In any case, the mic will cost you $50... these guys are a small outfit, so order at your own risk. But if $50 isn't too steep for you to be the first one with a souped up iPod Touch on the block.. then have at it!

If you get the mic, come back and post here, let us know what you think!

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carlos said...

this mic its not working
i have a ipod touch 16 g
ver. 2

do i need a software to install this mic or what


Anonymous said...

carlos -

Where did you purchase your mic?

You must jailbreak your iPod Touch in order to use this microphone and run software version 1.1.4.

Hope that helps.. there are many many videos on how to do this on YouTube.. just search for "ipod touch jailbreak".

Anonymous said...

ipod touch ver. 2.1.1 is currently un-jailbreakable due to hardware change. check the quickpwn site frequently for updates

Anonymous said...

if you do get a mic then the easiest app i think to to call with is probably fring. there are lots of videos on youtube on how to installer well as how to set it up so you can make calls...and besides the purchasing of the mic the whole process is free...and if your an iPhone user then you dont even have to purchase the mic and the calls are free!!

Anonymous said...

did ipod touch 1st gen + the mic really works with fring?

Anonymous said...
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