Thursday, July 31, 2008

App Store Released! iPod Touch Apps gets rolling!

Hi Everyone,

Apologies that there has been no posting on iPod Touch Apps for some time here. We have eagerly been waiting for the Apple Apps Store to release, which it now has... if you don't have it already just updated your iTunes and you should see the firmware upgrade prompts.

Stay tuned for new videos and some exciting news about the iPod Touch Mic VOiP!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

SDK iPod Touch Apps still on hold

Well, Apple and Steve Jobs are dragging their feet on the SDK. Apparently the SDK was released to a group of "select" developers this month, however I read that we should not see any applications until early this summer... which is a real bummer, since I don't want to jailbreak my iPod Touch! As soon as those iPOd Touch Apps do start being released there will be fresh reviews posted on the blog... Thanks!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

iPod Touch Apps: "Mind Dojo" Brain Twister Game

In the coming weeks we're going to exhibit more iPod Touch apps and games like "Mind Dojo" Mind Dojo is a cool little web based brain twister game that you can use to sharpen our wits when you have a little time to kill. The best part of the game for me was the fact that you can compare your final score with other player's online. This should hook the competitive folks out there. Check out our exclusive video below and point your iPod Touch web browser to to check out the game.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

iPod Touch Apps: Extend the Battery Life of iPod Touch and iPhone

Here at iPod Touch Apps we are all about getting the most from our iPod Touch. I was talking to a friend of mine today who happens to be an Apple technician and he mentioned a little quirk that should help iPod Touch/iPhone owners with battery life issues. In a nutshell:

Charge your iPod Touch through the wall/socket adapter and not thru your USB ports! I know what you are going to say.. "but the meter on my iPod says the battery is full even when I charge it through my USB port". However, this may not be true! You see the charge from the USB port is actually much weaker than from the wall, however the iPod Touch software calculates the amount of time it has been plugged in, and hence thinks it is "fully charged", when in fact it may not really be charged to the battery's full capacity potential. Basically, a "full green bar" charge reading is only accurate if you charged from your wall socket.

Hope this little tidbit helps. it has helped me.

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iPod Touch Microphone add-on now available

An iPod Touch Microphone is now available here to make your iPod Touch function as a VoIP phone... the Touchmods guys are now taking pre-orders on a customer friendly, sleeker version of a microphone add on which they are producing for the public. If you order now, your iPod Touch mic should be shipped by mid February according to their website.

Mid-February is also roughly the time that Apple will be releasing the SDK (Software Development Kit) so that 3rd party programmers can start making approved applications for the Touch. I expect that there will be many interesting programs released that will take advantage of an iPod touch with a microphone attachment. Also, keep in mind all those iPhone specific applications that will now work on a "mic enabled" iPod Touch.

In any case, the mic will cost you $50... these guys are a small outfit, so order at your own risk. But if $50 isn't too steep for you to be the first one with a souped up iPod Touch on the block.. then have at it!

If you get the mic, come back and post here, let us know what you think!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Macworld 2008: The iPod Touch Perspective

As many of you may know, today was Macworld 2008, known as the biggest conference of the year for all things Apple. While there were many exciting announcements, here are the ones that count for us iPod Touch owners.

In a nutshell:

1.) 5 New Apps released by Apple: Mail, Stocks, Notes, Weather, and Maps. The names of the apps are pretty much self explanatory and bring the iPod Touch more inline with the iPhone, however these will set you back $20 (Shocking if you ask me!). I think the most useful is the Maps application which actually locates where you are and thereafter allows you to get directions, quazi-GPS. Find out more.

2.) iTunes Movie Rentals: Now users can download movies and watch them for a short time rather than having to buy them. They are priced at $3.99 for new releases, $2.99 for "library titles," High Definition (HD) movies are a dollar more. Find out more at

3.) Free Wi-Fi access at over 100,000 locations: JiWire ( made a Macworld expo announcement that they will offer free Wi-Fi access at over 100,000 nationwide locations. The catch... you need to view a 30 second ad before you get access, but hey it is still better than paying for it! Check out their site for details.

Overall the Macworld announcements don't mean a great deal for the iPod Touch in my opinion. However, what we can look forward to is the Software Development Kit (SDK) that Apple plans to roll out in February of this year. The SDK will undoubtedly result in many great and FREE 3rd party apps for the iPod Touch.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A giant iPod Touch?!

Well no, not really... but a sign that touch technology is the next big leap in how we compute. I just had to share this video. (I know it's not really an iPod Touch app, but its cool!)

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Stream your entire music library to your iPod Touch, wherever you are!

The folks over at Simplfy Media have created one of the neatest 3rd party iPod Touch Apps I have seen to date. Thir "Simplify Media Mobile", enables you to stream your entire music library (i get lots of my hard to find electronica music at that resides on your home computer to your iPod Touch or iPhone. This can be done anywhere you find a wi-fi signal. If your friends also are running the application, they can give you access to their entire music libraries. Simply brilliant and FREE!

It's almost a sure thing that they will enable video streaming as well. Imagine you decide one Friday night you want to stay home, cuddle up with your girl (or guy) and watch a good movie.
With this application you could browse all of your friends video libraries and pick a movie you'd like to watch, DID I MENTION FREE?!

Check out the video below, and please feel free to bookmark this article below (or my page) if you found this useful. Thank you....!

P.S. Go to for details. Unfortunatley this application does require you to have "hacked" your iPod Touch. However if you don't want to do that, just wait a month or so and you will be able to run the unhacked version. (see my posts about Apple's release of the SDK)

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Lifehacker releases top 20 iPod Touch apps

Here are over 20 iPod Touch apps for those of us eager to expand the capabilities of our iPod Touches.

Lifehacker notes that "The major new features appear to be the faux-GPS in Google Maps, multi-recipient SMS, and re-ordering apps on the home screen."

There is much more meat to the article which you can check out here.

A word of caution: In order to enable the use of these third party applications you must "jailbreak" (read "hack") your iPod Touch or iPhone. Lifehacker has posted an instructional on that here.

Rumors are that Apple will be releasing updated firmware this spring which will allow for "Apple approved" development and installation of 3rd party applications. So you may want to wait until then or you risk voiding your Apple warranty.

But if you want to be a cowboy and hack your iPod Touch or iPhone, ....then..
Guns A-Blazin'!

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VOIP on your iPod Touch!

This has got to be one of the coolest iPod Touch apps.

The guys over at are experts at creating "telecom" iPod Touch apps. To keep this short and sweet, they figured out a way to make phone calls on the iPod Touch. I love it!

The proof is in the pudding, so check out the video below:

WARNING: These mods are for hacked iPod Touches. If you have not hacked your iPod Touch yet then you may want to wait, as in the coming months "Apple approved" 3rd party apps will begin to arise. Cool iPod Touch Apps will be sure to cover the coolest new releases, so check back often, or you can subscribe to our blog by clicking on the feed button.

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Book hotels on your iPod Touch!

Welcome to iPod Touch Apps, below is our first post, please come back often for updated info! has developed a slick new interface that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to book hotels anywhere, at anytime from their little Apple joy toys. All you need to do is enter "" into your iPod Touch's Safari web browser.

The interface will allow users to:
  • View photos, descriptions and amenities for more than 75,000 properties worldwide
  • Check hotel availability
  • Book accommodations
  • View existing hotel reservations
  • Contact customer care for assistance
Check it out!

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