Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stream your entire music library to your iPod Touch, wherever you are!

The folks over at Simplfy Media have created one of the neatest 3rd party iPod Touch Apps I have seen to date. Thir "Simplify Media Mobile", enables you to stream your entire music library (i get lots of my hard to find electronica music at that resides on your home computer to your iPod Touch or iPhone. This can be done anywhere you find a wi-fi signal. If your friends also are running the application, they can give you access to their entire music libraries. Simply brilliant and FREE!

It's almost a sure thing that they will enable video streaming as well. Imagine you decide one Friday night you want to stay home, cuddle up with your girl (or guy) and watch a good movie.
With this application you could browse all of your friends video libraries and pick a movie you'd like to watch, DID I MENTION FREE?!

Check out the video below, and please feel free to bookmark this article below (or my page) if you found this useful. Thank you....!

P.S. Go to for details. Unfortunatley this application does require you to have "hacked" your iPod Touch. However if you don't want to do that, just wait a month or so and you will be able to run the unhacked version. (see my posts about Apple's release of the SDK)

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