Monday, January 7, 2008

Lifehacker releases top 20 iPod Touch apps

Here are over 20 iPod Touch apps for those of us eager to expand the capabilities of our iPod Touches.

Lifehacker notes that "The major new features appear to be the faux-GPS in Google Maps, multi-recipient SMS, and re-ordering apps on the home screen."

There is much more meat to the article which you can check out here.

A word of caution: In order to enable the use of these third party applications you must "jailbreak" (read "hack") your iPod Touch or iPhone. Lifehacker has posted an instructional on that here.

Rumors are that Apple will be releasing updated firmware this spring which will allow for "Apple approved" development and installation of 3rd party applications. So you may want to wait until then or you risk voiding your Apple warranty.

But if you want to be a cowboy and hack your iPod Touch or iPhone, ....then..
Guns A-Blazin'!

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